Neurodyn’s goal is to be a leader in discovering and developing bioactive compounds into treatments for neurological diseases.

To ensure success, Neurodyn has embraced a ‘Poly-pharmacological’ methodology to drug development which may explain the compelling effectiveness of the technologies developed to date.

Neurological disease research leads the way

Technology development is greatly facilitated by the company’s full suite of services and expertise. Through CNS|CRO proprietary environmentally based animal models are offered that more accurately reflect the slow progression of neurological disease in humans than current models. Through NeuroQuest Inc., full synthetic and medicinal chemistry capacity, as well as in vitro screening, for the molecular modification and improvement of bioactives is available.



We believe there is an industry resurgence in the search for bioactives as the source of new drugs, with Neurodyn at the forefront of this resurgence.

Industry experts in drug discovery and development, such as Dr. Chris Lipinsky have stated (May ‘12 Address at MIT):

The predominant mode of drug discovery for over 20 years has been to discover a single compound that is selective against a single target. This approach is often a matter of good luck, and is the worst way to discover a drug.

Poly-pharmacology in biologically active compounds is the rule rather than the exception.  Natural products provide the best lessons. Multiple mechanisms of action are much more likely to achieve an observable response.