(November 12, 2014 | Halifax)  Neurodyn Life Sciences Inc. announced today that the company’s wholly owned contract research subsidiary NeuroQuest Inc. is offering synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and fine chemical production services to the research and biopharmaceutical industry.

The medicinal chemistry services, which can be viewed here, include:

–        Synthetic route optimization and synthesis (mg to gm quantities)

–        Medicinal structure-based design or fragment-based design and HTS Hit analysis

–        Synthesis of focussed library, SAR and ADMET optimization

–        IP protection around NCE’s

–        Electrophysiology (DRG patch clamp, state dependency, Nav selectivity)

–        Other neurological assays

These services include NMR and GC-LC-Mass Spec analysis including compound identification whether obtained from natural sources or designed and produced by synthesis.

NeuroQuest’s fine chemicals services include the ability to solve complex chemical problems and the company can custom manufacture novel building blocks or scaffolds, intermediates or other fine chemicals.  NeuroQuest has expertise in phytosterols and other related bioactives.

“We are pleased to be able to offer these services to the Atlantic regional biotech industry and other institutional researchers, as well as globally,” said Robert Cervelli, CEO of NeuroQuest.

NeuroQuest works closely with its sister company CNS CRO (www.cnscro.com), which offers a wide range of animal models as a contract service.  The combined expertise makes both companies leaders in pre-clinical contract research for neurological conditions.

Both NeuroQuest and CNS CRO are subsidiaries of Neurodyn Inc. (www.neurodyn.ca), a Canadian biotechnology company developing both prescription drugs and natural products for the early stage treatment of neurological diseases. 

 For more information, contact:

Dr. Alexander McLellan                                    902-402-1775 (mobile)                   mclellan@neuroquest.ca

Mr. Robert Cervelli                           902-222-4391 (mobile)                   cervelli@neuroquest.ca

Dr. Denis Kay                                          902-314 0776 (mobile)                   dgkay@neurodyn.ca

NeuroQuest Inc., Suite 365, 1411 Oxford Street, Halifax, NS B3H 3Z1